The Dynamic Workout Design Training Black Book

Learn To Design Workouts That Work!

It's About More Than Just Reps And Sets...

It’s easy to make a hard workout.

Heck, give someone no rest and put together huge amounts of the hardest, most full-body moves you can think of.

BAM! Guaranteed destruction.

But just because a workout is hard, doesn’t mean it’s good.

When designing your workouts it’s about more than just arbitrarily throwing some hard moves together so that you, or your client, feels worked and is sore the next day.

Yes, many of us like the feeling of success that comes with having survived a “brutal” workout, but that doesn’t mean we just want to create workouts that smash people into the ground!

Because ultimately why are we and our clients working out?

To hit specific GOALS!

And those GOALS should drive how we design our workouts so we can move and feel better.

We need to consider workout variables like exercises, reps, sets, rest, intensity, volume, intervals, weights, tempos….and MORE! that match our current fitness level and where we want to go.

We can manipulate all of these things to create killer programs that get results.

And the best part is, there are so many ways to combine things that can work AND make training fun, challenging and interesting!

Hard is great. But results…

Results are what keep us coming back for more!

And that's why I created my Training Black Book!

In this program, I break down how to manipulate those basic training variables such as reps, sets, volume, tempo, and rest to create workouts that WORK.

I answer the questions of...

"How many reps?"

"How many sets?"

"What intervals should I use?"

And explain how to design everything based on YOUR goals.

But you won't only learn about those basic training variables but also about EXERCISE SELECTION.

Why you need to consider things like:

  • Exercise order
  • Planes of motion
  • Bilateral vs unilateral movements
  • And not only how much weight to use, but also the type and placement!

And if you've ever wondered if you can really build muscle and strength with just bodyweight training...

The answer is YES and I'll show you how!

I'll also provide you with different training techniques to help you get the results you're looking for with creative and fun programming. From traditional Circuit Training to Density Sets, Pyramids, and Rest-Pause technique, I provide you with the tools you need to create fun and EFFECTIVE workouts.

To help you get started, I also provide over 50 done-for-you workout templates to download and use, whether you're designing a program for yourself or for your clients.

With each workout, I break down the design and how you can even change up the set up to fit your specific needs, whether you're designing workouts for your group training sessions or just trying to help yourself get over a plateau.

So if you're ready to design workouts that work, join the Dynamic Workout Design Training Black Book!

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Cori Lefkowith
Cori Lefkowith
Hey There!
I’m Cori Lefkowith, Owner of Redefining Strength
I started Redefining Strength in 2014 with one mission…
That mission goes beyond goals. We’re here to provide you with a science-backed approach that not only supports your health and fitness journey but also empowers you through education.

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  It's Not Just About Smashing People!
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  It All Comes Down To…WHO Is The Workout For?
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  Getting Started Designing Workouts - Set A Schedule
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  Experimenting With Work Designs
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  What About The Cooldown?
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  Thank You!
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