Strength Interval Set Up

Density Training is not only a great way to build strength, but it is also great for fat loss...ESPECIALLY when you combine the Density Training principles with Interval Training.

When you combine the two training techniques, you get the Strength Interval set up.

With this workout design, you can work on building strength by focusing on getting out one more rep each and every interval.

This focus on doing more reps instead of just stopping at a set rep range, can help you push past a plateau but also really gets your blood pumping so you burn more calories to help you lose weight!

How Strength Intervals work:

With Strength Intervals, you are focused on increasing volume during each set interval of work. So while duration stays the same, volume increases.

Unlike most Density Training workouts we create, like the 7s Density Set or 10s Relay that have a set number of reps for each move, each round, the rep range will change each and every interval.

Your goal is to get out more reps in total for each move over the course of the workout while maintaining the weights and even the exercise variations selected for that first round.

If you can, you even want to ADD weights or make the moves harder, after that first round.

While your goal is to keep moving the entire interval, you don't want to use a weight that allows you to easily do that, especially after the first round. Even using a little rest-pause technique, resting for a few seconds to then eek out a few more reps during the interval, can be super beneficial!

Usually Strength Intervals works best with intervals of 45 - 90 seconds. Too short and you can't create enough volume. Too long and you risk sloppy form or extra resting.

The type of moves you use can also affect interval length. A "longer," more time-consuming move, may require a longer interval of work.

The shorter the interval of work though, the heavier the weights you can use. While the longer the interval, the more you're going to focus purely on strength endurance over hypertrophy and make the workout more aerobic.

When to use Strength Intervals:

If you want to build strength, but also improve your body composition, the Strength Interval set up is a perfect workout to include.

The volume you create with Strength Intervals and the fact that you are pushing to eek out an extra rep each and every time, will help you build and retain lean muscle without having access to equipment. AKA Strength Intervals are a great way to get results with bodyweight training!

Strength Intervals are another great design to use with a variety of fitness levels because the volume and loads you use can be adapted specifically to your needs.

And if you teach bootcamp classes or group training sessions, Strength Intervals can be a great design to use. Clients can work at their own pace to match their specific needs and you can keep things organized, switching everyone from station to station or exercise to exercise after each interval to create a flow.

With Strength Intervals, it is important to track your results from each workout to beat next time. Even writing down what you did the round before can push you to work harder the following round.

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