It's Easy To Create A Hard Workout...

It’s easy to make a hard workout.

Heck, give someone no rest and put together huge amounts of the hardest, most full-body moves you can think of.

BAM! Guaranteed destruction.

But just because a workout is hard, doesn’t mean it’s good.

When designing your workouts it’s about more than just arbitrarily throwing some hard moves together so that you, or your client, feels worked and is sore the next day.

Yes, many of us like the feeling of success that comes with having survived a “brutal” workout, but that doesn’t mean we just want to create workouts that smash people into the ground!

Because ultimately why are we and our clients working out?

To hit specific GOALS!

And those GOALS should drive how we design our workouts so we can move and feel better.

We need to consider workout variables like exercises, reps, sets, rest, intensity, volume, intervals, weights, tempos….and MORE! that match our current fitness level and where we want to go.

We can manipulate all of these things to create killer programs that get results.

And the best part is, there are so many ways to combine things that can work AND make training fun, challenging and interesting!

Hard is great. But results…

Results are what keep us coming back for more!

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